6 Ways to Enjoy Brimham Rocks

If you’re visiting Harrogate and are something of an outdoorsy type then you won’t want to miss the much loved Brimham Rocks. These are a series of astounding balancing rock formations each standing at around 30 feet in height. It’s not just the rocks that are worth seeing though, they are found within around 400 acres of breath-taking moorland and are part of the Nidderdale Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. I have no doubt everyone will enjoy taking in the beautiful sight but the fun doesn’t have to end there, there are plenty of things to enjoy here at the Brimham Rocks, managed by the National Trust. Let’s sake a look at some of the activities you can take part in whilst here.

Brimham Rocks
Brimham Rocks


The perplexing marvel of the balancing rocks aren’t the only example of stone in the area, this area also displays a rather dramatic natural landscape filled with sturdy formations, cracks and cobbles that are perfect for those amongst you who enjoy a good climb. You can simply enjoy making your way through the cracks and tight spaces or if you’re feeling more confident you can have a go at bouldering, climbing up some of the taller rocks on display.


Naturally with such a vast open space there are plenty of tracks and trails for you to take in order to drink in the area’s views. You can either set off on foot and trek around or better yet hop on a bike and cover even more of grounds, head to the undiscovered depths of the wild. You can either head out by yourselves or if you’d prefer book a National Trust guide to ensure you don’t get lost.

Brimham Rocks 2


Brimham’s staggering scenery has caught the eye of photographers for generations and has been a constant well of inspiration for camera users. Whether you’re testing out a new camera, trying to hone your skills in the art or simply looking for a new place to capture nature you’ll find plenty to catch your eye here.


We live in a time where it seems everyone is highly strung and crushed by the pressures of everyday life. As such practises like Yoga and meditation have become more and more popular, being a proven way to reduce stress, anxiety and depression too. There are yoga and meditations classes taught here amongst the natural beauty which proves a perfect location to feel calm and worry free.