A Journey Through Boroughbridge

If you want to take a  journey to the past when cobblestone was surrounded by vibrant gardens of flowers, you will find yourself in the quintessential town of Boroughbridge. This sincere area is situated in a Civil Parish in the Harrogate district of Yorkshire, England. The culture found in Boroughbridge is friendly with a charming disposition. The population of Boroughbridge is just over 3,500 residents. When visiting Boroughbridge, you will experience a close knit community that is a host to several cultural and historical features. This small Parish holds their past in high regards and displays their pride with monuments, tradition and most importantly in their hearts.

Seeing Boroughbridge

Spending any length of time in Boroughbridge will lend a sense of nostalgia to your day. If you are planning to spend the day in the splendor of Boroughbridge, you will have a full itinerary of sites to see. Some of the sceneries that are must haves on your list include:

Hall Square – A historical point of Boroughbridge is the cobblestoned Hall Square. Once a home to fishermen, the Square still exists today for visitors and residents to bask in its history. The town is known for its seafaring activities of earlier times.

Butter Market Museum – Built in the Eighteenth Century, this building was once used as a shelter for the wives of farmers who were selling goods in the Hall Square. As a tribute to the historical culture, the museum was brought into fruition. Artifacts that were made locally or used through the generations are displayed for everyone to remember their roots.

Devils Arrows – Perhaps one of the most renowned scenes in Boroughbridge is the famous lot of Devils Arrows. These prehistoric stones are also called the Three Sisters and have many lore’s that surround them. They are of great importance in their placement and relation to the similar structure of Stonehenge.

Boroughbridge War Memorial – Centered in the Hall Square sits a War Memorial for those loved and lost in the world wars in the Twentieth Century. The Memorial has a cobblestone base graced with fresh flowers. On top of the stone is a white marble figure representing the faith of the people.

The Roman Ramble – A walk from the town brings you past architectures that were built in the Elizabethan and Victorian eras. You will visit a Fourteenth Century Battleground on the way to revel in the sites of a Roman settlement. The sites of this walk are undeniably a genuine part of Boroughbridge’s articulated past.

Markets and Stores – Set along the town, you will find fresh goods and farmers market items. Homemade items and antiques make for a wonderful afternoon of shopping. Small restaurants and cafes are known for their small town appeals and menus.

Walking or Cycling – The antiquated buildings, churches and home provide the perfect backdrop for a walk or cycling adventure along the roads. Taking a tour of the town is full of enchanted possibilities. There are sites that circle the Parish for miles around creating an opportunity for a true tour.