Harrogate District Takes on Health Issues

Modern devices and conveniences have led our world into a state of pause. A decline in physical health has been evident due to a rise in sedentary lifestyles and poor dietary habits. This epidemic is not restricted to only adults as it holds an equal effect among children of all ages. The younger generations spend a majority of their day either in school or at home. Unless they are involved in programs or sports, the main recreation we see today involves technology which does not leave much room to run. This is a growing issue across the map. From larger cities such as New York and Chicago to the quintessential regions of Harrogate District, there have been rises and falls in an unhealthy direction.

Communities have taken matters into their own hands by creating structures to stop the cycle and reinvent the healthy wheel. Harrogate District in North Yorkshire is leading the way to a healthier tomorrow for their children and families. Understanding the complexity of the situation, the Harrogate councils and programs have devised a plan to encourage a beneficial way of life.

The Health Issue

Poor diet and exercise patterns carry a number of negative impacts on our health. Weight gain and lack of nutrients are a defined cause of several ailments including:

  • Strokes
  • Heart Attacks
  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Immune Deficiency
  • Skin Disorders
  • Digestive Disorders
  • Depression

These issues are the tip of the iceberg and have reached an all time high in most countries. Harrogate has also seen an increase in Obesity rates and illnesses in adults and Children. The ultimate concern is the health and welfare of their District both at present and in the future. The steps they are taking to reduce the percentages will provide an overall benefit to the area.

Harrogate Steps

Schools – The Harrogate District in conjunction with North Yorkshire have collaborated the needs of the children. Providing healthy and well rounded meals teach children the importance of eating healthy while ensuring they receive the right amount of nutrients. World inspired meals are made with fresh and local meats and ingredients that are free from harmful additives.

Incentives – Awards are given to local businesses who offer and encourage a healthier dining plan. This lowers the riskier amounts of unhealthy foods available to Harrogate neighborhoods. Utilizing the freshness of nearby farms aids the business, the farmer and the consumer with a cost friendly and suitable approach to nutrition.

Activities – Harrogate is rich in nature with a plethora of possibilities. The goal is to promote existing while creating new opportunities for the residents to get active. Bicycling, walks and events are centrally focused bringing families and groups outdoors. Several Health based projects are creating awareness and have programs available to help. Fitness classes and nutritional systems are set up to assist individuals and families regardless of income levels or age.

Harrogate has taken preventive measures that set an example for other communities to follow. Their approach to caring for the health and well being of the District is one of the many reasons the area has been voted “ The Happiest Place to Live”.