Kalvin Phillips Is Called Yorkshire Pirlo

Kalvin Phillips Is Called Yorkshire Pirlo

The European football championship is currently dominating the interest of sports fans all over the world. The examples of some previous years have shown that the mass media like to look for new stars. This time the Three Lions are among the favourites. One of them plays for the English national football team. During the last World Cup, England made it to the semi-finals but lost the game against the eventual vice world champion from Croatia. This time, the experts are betting on France, England, and Belgium when guessing the title. One of those players who might change everything is Kalvin Phillips.

The English shooting star is already known as the British Andrea Pirlo. For years, the Italian was considered to be the grey eminence in Italian football. He led his teams’ games with confidence and skill through his whole career. Now, of all people, a Yorkshire footballer is setting out to follow this example. Of course, this creates enthusiasm among fans and the media. After all, it is no longer so easy to discover a new face as there are many great athletes, but Phillips brought surprises. This time he caused a stir and took the spotlight from the stars Harry Kane, Mason Mount and Raheem Sterling. The Leeds United midfielder played well in the English team’s opening game. Therefore, he received the highest rating in numerous reviews.

From the Second Division to the National Team

That is all the more surprising because Phillips does not make his money in the top English clubs. So, no one had him on the radar when the Three Lions won a revengeful match against Croatia. His club Leeds United is best known for Marcelo Bielsa, who also led the club back to the Premier League after 16 years in the English second division. As if that wasn’t enough, the club managed to remain sovereign in the league. Bielsa trained and shaped Kalvin Phillips. He ordered him into the defensive midfield, where the young star became the linchpin of the game. Phillips kept evolving. He now directs the play of his teams. His ability to steer with both short and long passes has earned him the nickname Yorkshire Pirlo. That is how Leeds United fans pay tribute to the skills of their new favourite. His coach’s hard work paid off.

Gareth Southgate invited Kalvin Phillips to the English national football team at the beginning of September. The match against Croatia was only his ninth game in a jersey with the Three Lions. Although during the friendly match against Austria, coach Southgate was already enthusiastic about the newcomer’s abilities. That is all the more remarkable since he was able to act more offensively in the national team than usual. Phillips set up the only goal of the game by Raheem Sterling. Afterwards, he was enthusiastic about his new role. But now, his shadowy international existence is over and from today all eyes will also be on the star from Yorkshire.