The Area of Natural Beauty Near Harrogate District

Nidderdale is an area outside of Harrogate District that is a regular stop for locals and travelers. A touch over an hour drive, Nidderdale is he home of the Area of Natural Beauty also known as AONB. Rolling farms and hillsides are accompanied by the cultured historical structures of North Yorkshire. Numerous parks and gardens are scenically paired with the sights of valleys and villages. Due to the variety of habitats, plants and wildlife flourish with diversity. The Area of Natural Beauty is preserved in such a way to provide a home for a variety of birds and animals.

Visitors are able to choose from a wide spectrum of activities that make the drive worthwhile. Their website offers events and schedules along with informational pages. Maps of the region are available to assist in planning the day. Nidderdale welcomes neighbors with Pubs, cafés, restaurants and lodging. There is plenty of shopping along the way before or after your itinerary at the AONB.

The Area of Natural Beauty Events

Aside from the trails and hikes to follow, the AONB also host special events throughout the year. From families to individuals, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Technology keeps us bound to the screen in most of our free time. The natural theme that surrounds the location brings vast possibilities that you can’t plug in.

A small team of staff members and volunteers coordinate the events with experts for a unique and enriched learning experience. They have a series that celebrates the skies and space with guest speakers and activities that bring the stars a little closer. Specialty topics are scheduled in advance to make it easier to reserve a spot. You will find an even mixture of open capacity to limited seating depending on the requirements of the event.

AONB Activities

As with Harrogate, there are a number of shows and festivals to partake in. Livestock, goods, games and entertainment fill the days of the calendar. Several annual shows and festivals bring together many towns within the region. In addition to the community based plans, there are additional opportunities the area offers.

Fundraising platforms and Challenges is a generous way to enjoy the views. The main goal of the Area of Natural Beauty is to preserve the land from further and unnecessary damages. For this reason, committees are encouraged to submit their concept for their cause with a careful consideration for the environment. Keeping the land in a healthy bountiful state will allow the continuance of bird watching, wildlife walks and the journeys of historical sites.

Area of Natural Beauty Spotlight

To continue gaining momentum, the goal has been to hold a global traction that puts the AONB on the map. The staff strives to match creativity with providing a genuine experience. Hosting tournaments, contests and marathons helps to raise awareness of their goals. The Area of Natural Beauty strive to bring new and exciting happenings to Harrogate, Yorkshire and Nidderdale areas.