The Many Festivals of Harrogate

Harrogate District has many small communities with a reason to celebrate. Their refined past and triumphs give the people of Boroughbridge and surrounding areas a kindred connection that has lasted for hundreds of years. They are within a throws distance of neighboring towns that at times collaborate with festivities that are held annually in the district.

Old fashioned values that are set in a modern world create a wonderful delight of events. The shows and festivals are enormously popular in the region and attract visitors from all over. They host an array of exhibitors that travel cross country to attend the festivities. With so many themes and attractions, there is something for everyone in the historical towns.

Aldborough and Boroughbridge Show

Every July you can enjoy the highly anticipated Aldborough and Boroughbridge Show. Travelers and locals alike visit the Show every year. Local shops and vendors are available for essentials, meals and drinks. There is an exciting variety of exhibits and activities on the agenda including:

  • Livestock
  • Equestrian Classes
  • Crafts
  • Foods and Treats
  • Terrier Races
  • Horses
  • Vintage Cars and Antiques

The list of merchants and makers have become a part of the tradition. When you visit Boroughbridge during the event, you can expect a lively experience. The historical culture is abundant both in the Show and in every part of town.


Gardening and growing are a deep seeded aspect of daily life in Boroughbridge. You will enjoy the Garden Festivals that happen a few times in the summer. The cottage gardens are rich in colorful blooms that are simply breathtaking to view. Homemade baked goods are offered on the tour of Gardens alongside a refreshing way to spend an afternoon. The Plot to Plate festival happens annually for nearby folks to obtain fresh goods and recipes. Growing your own foods to fill your kitchen is a healthy and economical choice. You will learn how to start and maintain a thriving garden.

The Northern Aldborough Festival

This classical music event showcases a wide variety of musical stylings. The Northern Aldborough Festival expresses special interest in new talents and works. This gives a chance for a mingling of music across a diverse audience. The music celebration takes place in June and has gained popularity for over twenty years throughout the country.

Walkers are Welcome

Harrogate District is the home to many walking paths and tours. The Roman Ramble is the most popular of the walks you can take. The town holds a walking festival every year to celebrate its association as proud members of the Walkers are Welcome. You will find guided walks and tours through historical sites and grounds while getting some fresh air along the way.


Everyone is invited when it comes to the Shows and Festivals of Boroughbridge. You will find a full schedule of events happening throughout the year. Whether you are local or traveling abroad, be sure to stop in and experience the beauty that surrounds Harrogate .