Three Famous Faces of Harrogate District

The regions of Harrogate District in North Yorkshire are best described as potentially expansive with a nuance of small town appeal. Historical to modern, Harrogate is known for their balance of energy and elegance. The area offers a nostalgic culture that pairs alongside the present. Known as one of the happiest places to live, it is no wonder creative talents are prone to thrive in the Harrogate community.  The District is pronounced with their focus on nature, historic architectures and lavish sceneries. In addition to all Harrogate offers, they also have the bragging rights when it comes to fame. For a small yet large area, there has been a crowd of celebrities that are the Famous Faces of Harrogate.

It would seem Harrogate has its own red carpet of celebrities. Some of your favorite movies and shows have featured personalities that are neighbors in the North Yorkshire District. It is a refreshing picture to view the talents of one of the UK’s most charming regions.

Claire King

You may recognize Claire King for her stunning beauty as she has graced the audience with her phenomenal talent. Her celebrity status includes infamous characters such as Kim Tate on Emmerdale. Ms. King spent an approximate decade on the show that collaborated one of the most iconic characters of British Soap Operas. She is also known for spending several years on the popular show “Bad Girls” and the 2016 drama “A Reason to Leave”. Claire king has gained a reputation for being one tough lady on the block.

Jim Carter

This Actor has a long list of credits that carry his name. He as partaken in a wide range of themes that show his diverse skills on the screen. Jim Carter’s recent roles have been as Charles Carson on “Downtown Abbey”, Vincent in The Good Liar and The Earl of Kent in the television movie “King Lear”.  He has also held a role in the episodes of “Knightfall”, a t.v. drama. “Transformers: The Last Knight”, “The Little Vampire” and “Ella Enchanted” are additionally on his acting resume. With too many titles to list, you can be assured the Harrogate born Actor will continue a fascinating career.

Ian Paul Cassidy

From Soaps to Dramas, Ian Paul Cassidy has made his mark in the industry. You will recognize him from his role in “Highlander” as Cracker Bob and his “Young and The Restless” character Karl Strovink. He has had a busy schedule with guest appearances on television shows that include, “Walker Texas Ranger”, “Drake and Josh” and “The Pretender”. Ian has kept to mostly American and Australian movies and series as he also starred in the drama “Beast” before it was cancelled by the network. Originally from Harrogate, the actor was raised while traveling. It is said he has lived in eleven different countries by the time he was nine. And if this short list caught your attention, feel free to look up some more celebrities (some of them outshining others), but all of them are memorable and worth celebrating.