What Is the New Appy Parking in Harrogate?

Modern technology brings us new innovations to use in our everyday life. Upon launch and within the first few years, there are usually some hitches to the plan. The same may be true for Harrogate’s first ever in the UK Parking App. Crowded roadways and narrow streets can make Parking in the District a stressful encounter. Residents are accustomed to leaving early, arriving home later than expected and walking greater distances to their destination.

Circling around the area while trying to locate an open spot is the inspiration behind the new program called “Appy Parking”. The name is cute and catchy and a welcome application in the Harrogate neighborhood. The process of testing and trials of systems in que to be implemented involve an entire sequence of events. If the jury returns with a green light and a thumbs up, it is time to introduce te project to the public.

The Appy Parking concept is easy to define and access. The user Downloads the app from their phone via App store or service. There is a registration process once the App is opened for the first time. The prompts will have you create a profile with your personal information and register both your vehicle and a payment method. The Appy Parking will save your data for future use. It is advised that it may take a few minutes to load in te details, so do not try this if you are running late.

Appy Parking Perks

The two main functions the Appy Parking system offers is locating Parking availability and simplified payment structures. The App or Appy has a navigational tool built in to assist you in your route. This s especially handy if you are not from Harrogate or familiar with the area. Once the driver chooses the location, the Appy Parking goes to work finding a spot that is open. The screen will display green markers that show the spaces you can obtain. The App will also direct your travels to the spot for further convenience. One of the complaints on the App is there is no way to reserve the spot while you are enroute. Upon arrival it is hit or miss if the Parking space is still available.

In lieu of paying at the meter, you will have the option to use your saved payment method on the App. The incentive to use the App to pay for parking is the tier differential. The one hour and half hour are the continued standard, however the overage fee will provide a savings for Appy Parking payment users. If the time allotted is exceeded, the App will begin charging by the minute versus the blocked amounts. Although this set up will save some, there is a convenience fee to use the app that is also added into the cost.

At the end of the Parking day, it would seem that Appy Parking is effortless with only a few items left on the agenda. The next time you head to Harrogate, you will have to try it out and become a Happy Appy Parker.